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Lucky little me got sent some Time Bomb Skincare products to try out – I was given the ‘Powerball Intensive Moisturiser’ and the ‘Derm Warfare Night Serum’. I’d heard of the brand before and after trying them out for a few days I already knew everything I needed to know about them.

“Time Bomb is a division of Federici Brands, a privately held company with a long legacy of changing women’s lives with first-of-a-kind beauty products that solve real, unmet beauty needs.”

‘The clock stops here’ is their main slogan – I don’t want to frighten you off that these are fully ‘anti-ageing’ products (I’m only 20 after all). The idea of the brand is to keep the skin healthy, full of moisture, firm and smooth and this could lead to having more youthful skin.

Firstly, I’m going straight in with the Powerball Intensive Moisturiser because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The whole idea of it is to try and combat dehydrated skin – it floods your skin with naturally hydrating agents to keep it moist and healthy. It would be rude not to throw in some technical language… this product harnesses ‘Ectoin’ which is a protein that grabs and hoards moisture. It all sounds pretty smart and realistic really doesn’t it? There’s more – it also contains ‘Trehalose’ to help preserve the skins internal fluidity and overall elasticity. Yes please!

I’m a girl who really suffers with dry skin – I’m always wearing/taking off make-up and I never really look after it that well. This moisturiser works an absolute treat! It’s quite a thick cream that feels really indulgent and doesn’t make your skin feel too greasy – it has a nice balance between moisturising and making your face feel like the inside of the butter jar.

Only a tiny tip from me – you literally need the smallest amount of the moisturiser. I put so much on the first time and because it spreads really easily I ended up swamping my face a little. Like, it was too moisturised. Less is more in this case!

Applying make-up to it is simple (no horrible blotches) and I’ll definitely be stocking up on it when it runs out! Plus, isn’t the little ball design just the prettiest thing?




Eventually, moving on to the Night Serum…

I love that feeling of taking off your make-up at the end of the day and getting all clean before going to bed, so this product really appeals to me! The serum is just a watery oil and it dries pretty quickly – however it can sting on your spots for a sec (what products don’t? those damn spots). It’s properties are to lift off the dead layers of skin – gross, but necessary – and to continue the tightening and smoothing of the skin. It’s supposed to reduce pores, something I also struggle with, but I can’t say I’ve noticed this after a week – you’d probably need to keep using it for longer to notice any difference in that area. 

Another reason I like this serum is because it makes your face a little less dull. I spend all of my time looking at screens and I think this can make your skin more dry and sad looking so having a nice serum on at night keeps it youthful, tight and toned. There is a similar Day Serum which you could opt for if you prefer, but I like the idea of having a mini pamper every night before I go to sleep!

It’s advised that you use this serum and then a similar cream on top – I didn’t try the cream but to be honest I don’t reckon you need both, especially if you’re using other creams from their range – I’d just pick which ones you’d like most.

I’d totally recommend this product to you guys! Using any exfoliating wash the morning after using it should really lift out all of the dirt completely – and my face feels so soft and clean since I’ve started using it.


Let me know what you think of these and if you have/will try them! Their range is huge so don’t limit yourselves to these two products!

They are available online at www.timebombco.com, Selfridges (London & Birmingham), Fenwick stores and other places online such as Amazon, Littlewoods and Very.


Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser: £36

Derm Warefare Night Serum (30ml): £38


Hope you all have a lovely day!

R x

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