Natural Beachy Waves with Lee Stafford! Here Come The Curls Review

Happy weekend to you all! Today I’m going to bring you a Here Come the Curls review – a range by Lee Stafford to help create beachy curls! I was lucky enough to be sent these products to try and after spending a couple of weeks using them I can safely say I love these products!

Let me give you a low-down on my hair. I have relatively fine hair that’s quite lifeless and frizzy. I get natural kind of… waves? But it’s a bit like an ‘I just got caught in the rain’ gross looking wave.

The whole idea of these products is to define curls, reduce frizz and help make curls without the use of heat. I should probably just add some quick technical language about what’s in the products that make them so good… So, the formula is based on Pro-Curl Complex which is made up of ingredients including Panthenol, Honey and Sea Minerals to give a silky smooth finish – but it doesn’t stop there… Nobody wants lank curls that are so soft that you can’t do anything with them; Dynam X Complex helps to maintain your natural curl structure with high humidity curl retention and Style Memory.

I know right? I’m a bit lost too but we’ll just say that all sounds super clever and awesome.

I’ll talk you through each product and you can see if you think any of them may help you get some beachy curls without the need of hair tongs or straighteners!


So I’ll talk about the shampoo & conditioner. Not much to say other than you’re supposed to use them before using the products. They smell super gorgeous and I feel like the scent is really expensive… like only posh hair salons use them – you get a nice pampering feeling in the shower (always a bonus)!


I’m going straight on to the Crème Lite product because this is my absolute favourite! This product is for fine/medium hair and is the main product needed to reduce the frizz and create the proper curls (for me, anyway). All you do is run it through the ends of towel-dried hair and carefully blow-dry or let dry naturally.

The way I do it is to apply it to towel-dried ends, dry the roots of my hair with a hairdryer and leave the ends slightly damp. While the ends are still a little damp I just twist my hair up a bit to create the curls and let them finish drying off naturally while I’m doing my make-up or something.

The only issue is I want slightly larger curls instead of little twisty curls – I recommend buying some rollers. You might think this is a faff but you just roll each side of your hair up in a roller, leave it for 5/10 mins while you finish getting ready and it’s all done! It depends what size curls you want but for that larger curl I’d recommend this! It worked a treat for me.

The crème almost acts as a holding agent to keep it in whatever shape you put it in (a bit like hairspray but without the stickiness). If you get any product out of the range I definitely would say this one!


Next up is a curl-manager spray. I do also love this product if you need a little extra hold and control but it depends on how well the crème lite works for you I think. This is for fine hair too and it does work well with the crème lite… it’s a bit like a hairspray on top of the curls to keep it all held together. I think if your hair is quite wild then this product is probably one to buy too!


Lastly is a product more for thicker hair (yes don’t worry, there’s a product for you all). This is a control crème which calms thicker, unruly crazy hair. It’s a bit like a putty I suppose and if your hair is super wild this should help tame it. Because this product doesn’t suit my hair type I tried it on my mum – she did say it was a nice texture and seemed to help calm her hair a little. I think if you used this with the curl manager spray you’d get some calmer and less mad curls if that’s what you’re after! You’ll have to try this one for yourself though guys!


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks using these products and every now and then I’ve taken a few photos to try and show you what they do to my hair. For someone with straight-ish hair but with weird waves it really shows some curl definition and the fact you don’t use curlers is a real benefit for me! I can’t be dealing with any more split ends.





Sorry about the image quality for those! I only used my iPhone.

So, I definitely recommend these products! For people with similar hair to me I’d buy the shampoo, conditioner and the crème lite. The others are optional extras but if your hair is thick then the control crème will be better suited for you.

Before you rush and buy them I should say there are millons of products by Lee Stafford! Make sure you take a look at all of the products on the Lee Stafford website ( You can buy these on sites like Amazon, Argos, Boots etc.

Here are the Boots prices (including links) to give you an idea!


Shampoo : £6.99

Conditioner : £6.99

Crème Lite : £6.99

Curl Manager Spray : £9.99

Control Crème (also in a tube) : £7.99


The prices aren’t the cheapest however you are getting good products – other ones in hair salons are way more expensive. Wait until there’s some offers on at Boots are you’re in! At the mo you can get 3 for 2 at Boots on hair care so snap that up while you can!

That’s it from me! Get them beachy waves out gals! Let me know if you try these or any other Lee Stafford products.

R x

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  1. 6th July 2015 / 9:02 pm

    I have very similar hair – fine, frizzy, lifeless – so this range sounds perfect, especially because so many curly hair ranges are made for thicker hair. I love the sound of the Creme Lite! xx


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