What’s Your Style Evolution?

Has anyone else MAJORLY changed in the last few years? I feel like recently I’ve really ‘found myself’, as cliche as it sounds. I really know what I want in life, what I want to do, what I want to wear, what I like and what I don’t like. Is this what being an adult is?

The other day I had a browse through some old Instagram photos because I was on the hunt for photos of old clothes that I wanted to sell, because alas, none of it fits me any more. I was so shocked at how my style and taste in things had changed. Of course with a lot of the outfits I saw I recoiled in horror at how my mother let me out of the house looking like that, and it was evident that when I started my blog I didn’t really have a clue what kinda clothes I liked and what my ‘taste’ was.

If anything, 2015 Robyn was definitely a boring, monochrome girl. I wore black with black and more black, I had dark hair, grungy accessories, kerrang posters on the wall and non-flowery duvet sets so as to not appear ‘girly’. My ratio of jeans to skirts was 100:1, and I had no adventure when it came to style and colour.

Ohhhhhh my how I have changed.

The same applies to my adventure when it comes to homeware. When I moved into my house over a year ago, I was all about the minimal vibes, the monochrome, the ‘less is more’ style. To be honest, I found myself getting bored with the artwork and styling of my house, and I felt uninspired in general. I was against anything with a bit of pizzazz and personality because I was so worried it would clash.

However, have you noticed my style seems to have vamped up a bit recently? This summer I really found my mojo and what seemed to be ‘me’. I found a love for colour, for designs, for things that were different to everything else, for things that stood out, and I found that reaching for bolder things made ME feel bolder.

When looking through the amazing new Studio collection at Desenio, Stadtkind, I realised how much I loved art and how I didn’t want to be ‘minimal’ anymore. I wanted more colour, I wanted more FUN in my house and more FUN in my life. I’m in love with these two street style posters which go together perfectly – they sit nicely in my living room and they add a little more character to the otherwise quite dull room. Who knew I had a secret thing for urban graffiti? It’s something that I would’ve never admitted to a few years ago, and I’m obsessed with the mix of colours in the prints.

If only I could stand in front of where they were shot for some outfit pics?!

I wanted to make some changes in my bedroom too – we hadn’t really found our style with it and now I’m l-o-v-i-n-g this new urban geranium floral poster. The mix of flowers and street art is such a vibe, and it’s a lot more inspiring when you walk into the room. Spot the little print too? You can’t beat a mini frame to go on your shelf to add some extra detail, we’ve got another one to match too (see below!) and it brings the bedroom to life a little more.

Bedside goals alert. It won’t be long before I sprawl used cotton pads and empty paracetamol packets on the side but it looks nice for now!

It’s amazing how you find your style as you get older, and I can tell I’ve definitely had a change in taste over the last couple of years. Now I’m all about the colour and the personality, and I feel so inspired to blog more and create more.

Hope you’re loving some of my homeware updates, and if you want to change up your own home vibe you can get 25% off posters at Desenio from TODAY (Tuesday 13th!) to Thursday 15th November using code ‘PHASESOFROBYN25‘ (not valid on frames or handpicked/collab posters!).

What’s your style evolution? Have you been in the same style rut for a while, or gone a little bolder recently like me? Drop me a comment and let me know!

R x



  1. Ellie
    13th November 2018 / 2:18 pm

    I loooove seeing your style evolution, Robyn! That’s my favourite thing about fashion- you get to experiment and evolve as you grow


    Ellie xx

  2. 15th November 2018 / 10:37 am

    exactly, I quote ellie! even though I adore a monochrome outfit, style or lifestyle, adding a bit of color spice it up a lot<3

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

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