Blog 2.0 – Robyn In Style

Hey guys!

Lets have a chat because things are new around here.

Phases of Robyn has been my solace and place to express my style, opinions and top beauty secrets for over 5 years. I started it when I was 20 years old fresh out of a pretty awful University experience, unwell at my mum and dads house with an anxiety disorder and lots of spare time. I loved fashion and started talking about my bargain buys, and delved into beauty and mental health too.

Fast forward 5 years and I work full time, live with my lovely boyfriend of 4 years, drive and have my own car, and have a lot more of my life in check. Because of all of this, my blog took a back seat from a part time job to more of a hobby around 2 years ago, which of course is a little bit sad but was also a necessary thing for me to do. I still absolutely LOVE blogging/instagramming/writing/photo-taking etc but it’s definitely something I do in my own time when I can.

The changes in my own life have meant changes in my online life too, and Phases of Robyn hasn’t felt ‘right’ for me for a good year or so now. Over the last couple of months during lockdown (and some of you will know I’ve been really poorly and home for around 4 months) I’ve realised I want to change it up to something fresh and something more ‘me’ now, as opposed to 20 year old me.

So welcome Robyn In Style. More spontaneous, fun and ‘everyday’ and less edited and serious.

R x

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